10 Things Your Dog Wants You To Buy From Amazon

There are so many things out there marketed towards dogs, but we have done the hard work and found the top 10 things your dog wants you to buy from Amazon!

Joint supplements

Score on Amazon 4.7/5

Just like us, dogs can slow down in age and there are lots of things on the market geared towards helping arthritic dogs. If you are worried about your dog, your first port of call is always your vet and you should have your pooch checked over before getting any joint supplements.

The most popular brand is Lintbells YuMOVE dog which (according to the manufacturer) is clinically proven to work in 6 weeks. They aid stiff joints by using natural ingredients such as green-lipped mussel, glucosamine to support joint health and aids in mobility by using Hyaluronic acid which is proven to reach the joint in 2 hours and lubricates the joint. They are highly reviewed with 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.

The good thing about Yumove is they make a range to suit all dogs. From the classic tablets for dogs who are 7-8 years old, to supplements for young dogs to support their growing joints, and they even make them in treat form should your dog be difficult to tablet.

Pill pockets

Score on Amazon 4.7/5

Speaking of finding it difficult to get pills in your dog, there are a few options to disguise the taste. Although you can use the food you may have in your fridge, like cheese, this could be a problem if you use it long term due to the extra calories!

Greenies pill pockets are low in calories and are a soft treat with a hole in, meaning you can poke the tablet in and then mould the treat around the pill to mask the smell and taste. There are a few flavours available, like cheese and even peanut butter flavour!

If pill pockets don’t work for your dog, you could try Arden Grange’s liver paste, which can also be used in Kong toys!

Biodegradable dog bags

Score on Amazon 4.8/5

Cleaning up after your dog should be second nature to dog owners and plastic doggy bags are not environmentally friendly because they take so long to break down. These Earth Rated Biodegradable Doggy Bags score 4.8/5 on Amazon and it’s easy to see why. They are strong and have 100% leakproof guarantee, lavender-scented (but they do sell unscented too), come with a dispenser (which even has a hook on the back so you don’t have to hold a used bag!) and are not only biodegradable but made from recycled materials too so you can be a responsible dog owner and care for the environment! It’s a win-win situation!


Score on Amazon – 4.6/5

Getting your dog used to having their teeth brushed can be tricky, especially if your dog hasn’t had their teeth brushed from a puppy. If you have a dog who really hates having their teeth brushed, I strongly recommend LOGIC Oral gel.

It’s a multi-enzyme toothpaste that can be used on both dogs and cats and the toothpaste comes with a finger brush. If your dog or cat won’t let you near them with a toothbrush, you can let them lick the toothpaste from the tube or smear some on their paw and they will spread it around their mouth without the need for brushing. Its malt flavoured making it palatable for dogs and cats and using it daily can help fight plaque and eliminate bad breath.

Dental sticks

Score on Amazon – 4.8/5

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is really important. Like us, they can suffer from bad breath, plaque buildup, bleeding gums and cavities, so it’s a good idea to get into a good tooth cleaning routine. As well as using doggy toothpaste, you can also get dental sticks which help to break off plaque as your dog chews on them.

The highest-rated dental dog treats on Amazon are Pedigree Dental Sticks which are 4.8/5 on Amazon and you can even buy them in bulk which works out cheaper. They also make them for small and medium dogs, so suit all breeds. Pedigree Dental Sticks are scientifically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up by 80% due to the unique cross shape of the sticks which get to the hard to reach back teeth.

Stain and odour remover

Score on Amazon 4.4/5

Dog pee stinks and it’s really unpleasant if your dog wees in your house. Puppies may have accidents whilst they are still learning to pee outside, and entire male dogs can urine mark within the house. It’s really important to clean up the urine properly because if your dog can smell it, they will naturally keep urinating there.

Simple Solution Extreme Dog Stain and Odour Remover scores 4.4/5 on Amazon and contains Pro-bacteria and enzymes which eliminates odour and stains effectively. It is safe to use on carpets. upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other water-safe surfaces and is child and pet friendly. The nozzle allows it to be directed in a specific area so the product isn’t wasted.

Ear cleaner

Score on Amazon 4.5/5

If your dog is shaking their head a lot, holding their ear down or head to one side or scratching their ear, you should always take them to the vet first before cleaning their ears. As long as your vet says it’s ok to clean their ears yourself, Pro Pooch Dog Ear Cleaner is the highest rated on amazon scores 4.5/5.

It’s easy to use, all you need to do is squirt the product down the ear and massage the base of the ear (your dog will probably shake their head!), and then remove the excess with a cotton pad. Never put cotton buds directly down the ear hole, but you can use a cotton bud around the outer ear if needed.

The nice thing about this product is that it’s natural, non-toxic and free from alcohol. The company also donates a proportion of their profits to Mayhew animal charity, so you are helping dogs and cats in need at the same time!

Kong Zoom Groom

Score on Amazon 4.7/5

Kong ZoomGroom rubber brush. I will be honest, I was very sceptical about this brush. Having tried pretty much every single brush out there on my dogs, I couldn’t see how a rubber brush would help, but boy was I wrong!

The rubber bristles mean there is no risk of harming your dogs – slicker brushes have hard pins which can hurt if you press too hard. This means they are great for kids to use on their pooch too! The brush almost massages the dog and all of my boys love it, including my Chihuahua who usually hates being groomed.

The Kong ZoomGroom brush is best used outside as it doesn’t collect up the fur like a slicker brush so the fur goes everywhere once you’ve loosened it. It works really well on short fur (it’s also great on cat and rabbit fur too!) and can even be used to detangle long fur when wet making it versatile.

Car seat cover

Score on Amazon – 4.8/5

Most dogs are happy to go on a walk all year round, and whilst you may be ok with your wellies on, what happens when that muddy dog wants to get in the car to go home? Mud and dirt can be difficult to remove, especially in a small area like the back of the car, so a car seat cover is a must if you are going on muddy woodland walks! It can even be adjusted by unzipping a section to allow someone to sit in the back with the dog, making it suitable for families too.

The Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Cover protects not only the back seat but headrests, floors and doors too! It’s waterproof, padded for comfort and machine washable making it easy to clean. The cover is easy to install, meaning you can put it in the back of the car when needed and even comes with a dog seat belt, meaning your dog will be safe whilst your car upholstery is protected!

Stuffingless dog toys

Score on Amazon – 4.3/5

Stuffing from dog toys gets everywhere and can clog up the hoover and can even cause blockages in your dog if they were to swallow it, so stuffing-less dog toys are great if your dog likes to shred soft toys!

These toys are safe for dogs and have squeakers in to keep their attention. They are lightweight making them ideal for small breeds or older dogs who still like to play but aren’t as strong as they used to be. They are washable and should last longer as your dog cannot gut them!

Disclaimer – These are my own views. I have not been paid to asked to provide these reviews on these products. Any health concerns should be directed to your Veterinarian. This blog is NOT a substitute for your dog’s healthcare.

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