Meet Betty – The Leopard Gecko

Betty is our little Leopard Gecko. We have had her for about three years now and she has the most docile nature.

I have known Betty for a long time now. She originally belonged to a client of mine when I used to do pet sitting. Sadly, her owner was moving and was unable to take Mango, their bearded dragon with them. Originally they had planned to keep Betty, however, due to a change in circumstances, they were unable to as I had already agreed to take Mango, they asked if I knew anyone who could give Betty a new home.

At the time, I had another Leopard Gecko called Amy and as I knew Betty already and had already agreed to take Mango, I was more than happy to welcome her into our home.

Betty’s owners kindly gave me her tank and belongings, which meant everything was kept the same for her. Although some people do keep female Leopard Gecko’s together, I didn’t put her in with Amy because they were both older girls and used to living on their own, so I thought it was better to keep things as they were. Due to already knowing Betty, I knew her routine already and stuck to that to help her settle.

Betty settled in quickly and was quite content with the move. She is a quiet little girl who spends most the day sleeping in her hide. She also has a moist hide which is basically a plastic hamster bed with live moss in and she will go in here when she is shedding to help the skin come off. She has lost toes in her previous home from her shed becoming entwined around her toes, so I am very careful to check her thoroughly when she sheds and I give her a warm bath to help soften the skin.

Betty has a good appetite and only eats live food. Her favourites are mealworms, calci worms and waxworms. She has a mealworm bowl in her cage and is quite a good little hunter! She stares at the worm with intent before striking at them!

She is a very placid lizard and is very content being handled. Betty can usually be found out and about in the evening and will be waiting at the front of her cage for some attention! She will happily sit in your hands and relax with you, which is lovely.

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