What Are The Best Toys For Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs need things to keep their mind busy. Here are some of the best toys you can get them.

A cosy bed

Guinea pigs can be shy by nature, so a cosy bed will not only offer them somewhere to hide but somewhere to sleep too! Choosing a fleece material one (like this) will not only be comfy, but easy to wash too.

Willow toys

Guinea pigs are rodents and need to gnaw to keep their teeth in good shape. Willow balls (like these) and fun to push around, gnaw and throw! They are safe for piggies, so you can feel comfortable that your pet will be safe if they get chewed.


Due to their shy nature, tunnels offer security and fun for your pets to run through. There are many different types, like these fabric ones that can be joined to other tunnels of the same make with velcro, and even tents.

You can also get grass tunnels or willow tunnels to offer variety.

Wooden bridges

Wooden bridges are great because they have multiple uses. They can be a great hide (try stuffing them with hay), several in a row act as a great tunnel and because they have wire joining the wood together, you can bend them in any shape you like. Use them to make bridges, tunnels and mazes for your guinea pig.

Wooden houses

Wooden houses (like this) can be gnawed, hidden in and climbed on.

Food puzzles

It’s no secret that guinea pigs like to eat! Although it is important to offer food in a bowl to ensure they are eating the correct amount, you should also offer it in different ways too. Puzzle feeders (like this) tap into your guinea pigs natural foraging instincts.

Food balls are also another good option as the hole where the food drops out can be made bigger and smaller depending on the food item used. This type of food ball (although a little bit more expensive than others) offers multiple uses and as well as putting treats in it and encouraging your guinea to push it around, you can stuff vegetables in the holes or split the ball in half and hide treats underneath.

You may need to spend a bit of time teaching your guinea pig how to use it, but with the reward of a snack, they should get the hang of it quickly.


Cardboard is great because it’s usually free! Cut holes in boxes and stuff with hay to make a hide for your guinea pigs or join several together to make mazes. Just make sure you remove and sellotape or sticky labels as eating them could make your guinea pig unwell. Cardboard tunnels are also a good option if you wanted to treat your pet.

Encourage foraging

In the wild, guinea pigs spend a vast majority of time foraging for food, so you should replicate this for your pets. Offer a foraging tray by getting a cat litter box and mixing in food and hay to encourage them to search for their food. You could also use a paper-based litter, like this if you prefer.

Hanging toys

Not everything should be offered on the ground level and hanging toys offer a different kind of enrichment. There are lots of different types, such as ones made from palm leaves and even coconut that you can stuff treats in to make it more exciting.

Jingly balls

Guinea pigs love pushing balls around and you can get ones like this which they can nudge with their nose and you can even stuff food in the gaps to make it more fun.

Cat toys (like this) are another option as they are lighter, however, you should supervise your guinea when playing with them as the plastic is much thinner than the ones designed for rodents.

Toilet rolls

Save all your toilet rolls from now on! Stuff them with hay, or put treats inside and give to your guineas. Paper bags are also good too for hiding food in.


Believe it or not, guinea pigs love relaxing in a hammock! Don’t put them too high in the cage as your pet could fall, but a low down hammock, just a tiny bit off the floor are great for piggies.

Snuffle mats

Snuffle mats are made of pet-safe fabric and allow your pets to exhibit natural foraging behaviours. Hide treats or food in the mat and allow them to snuffle them out! You can also get edible versions.

If you have any other toy suggestions for guinea pigs, please share them in the comment section below!

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  1. That’s a great and cheap idea. But the toilet rolls would be too small for his round body right now. I might spend the weekend fixing him a tiny log tunnel, hopefully, he’d enjoy it.

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