Earthworm Care Sheet

Earthworms are sometimes refered to as Nightcrawlers and are essentialy big, juicy worms that you found find in your garden. However don’t be tempted to feed any worms you find in the garden. You have no way of knowing if they have been exposed to insecticides and they can harm your pet if fed. Don’t risk it!

What are the benefits of feeding earthworms?

Earthworms come in a range of sizes, meaning they suit most amphibians. They can also be chopped up and smaller segments can be fed, which means they are multipurpose.

Not only this, but they are highly nutritious and packed with Vitamin A and E, making them a good choice. They are easy to keep, quiet and don’t smell, making them perfect feeders for amphibians such as African Clawed frogs and even axolotls.

What should I keep my earthworms in?

Earthworms usually arrive in a plastic tub with soil in. It’s better to upgrade them to a plastic tank or tub with holes drilled in for ventilation. Keep them on topsoil (compost can have pesticides so avoid this!) and keep the soil damp.

What should I feed my earthworms?

Earthworms are great for composting kitchen waste and enjoy things like potato peel, carrots and banana skin (you should avoid any citrus fruits). Bury the food under the soil as earthworms naturally stay away from the surface in case they are preyed upon.

Offer small pieces as this will help them break items down faster, and only offer more food when the current food has been eaten to avoid a buildup of uneaten items.

What temperature should i keep my eartworms?

Earthworms do not like the heat, so keep them in a cool area or outside if you have somewhere suitable for them.

How do I feed earthworms to my amphibian?

The best way to feed them is with plastic tongs, holding them in front of your amphibian. Metal ones should be avoided as they could damage your pet’s mouth if they bite down too hard.

If you want to read more, check out my Live food FAQs and to see how to look after different species;

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