Morio Worm Care Sheet

Morio worms are sometimes called superworms or Giant mealworms. They are high in protein and fat, so don’t use them as a staple, but they are good as part of a varied diet. Read on to find the best way to keep them.

What should I keep my Morio worms in?

Take them out of the small plastic tub they arrive in and transfer them to either a plastic carrier making sure there is good ventilation, or RUB and drill holes in it.

They don’t have any odour and aren’t noisy, so a great option to vary up your pet’s diet.

What should I feed my Morio worms?

Use bran or oats as a substrate and offer fresh vegetables, such a carrot or potato, are good options. Remove any uneaten fresh food as it will become mouldy.

What do Morio worms turn into?

Morio worms are actually the larvae stage of a beetle. Both the worm and beetle can be fed, however, the exoskeleton can be difficult for some animals to digest.

How do I feed Morio worms to my pet?

Pick them up with tongs, put them into a bag with vitamin dust or calcium before placing them in a mealworm bowl, which is a bowl with curved edges that prevents them from escaping. They are great at burrowing, which is why it’s best to put them in a bowl.

Mango loves Morio worms!

If you want to read more, check out my Live food FAQs and to see how to look after different species;

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