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Welcome to The House of Animals!

I have always loved animals, from as early as I can remember and I have always kept a variety of species – But my heart is with rescue animals. The saying “Someone’s trash is another’s treasure” couldn’t ring truer in regards to my pets. That feeling I get when I take a rescue in, and watch them thrive, begin to show affection and then bond to me is second to none.

All the animals you see on this blog are in The House of Animals – all living under one roof. Never again will they be unloved, go hungry, or feel afraid – here they are safe for the rest of their lives; and they all have a story to tell!

Some of the animals are my own, while others are being fostered by myself for Furry Friends Animal Rescue – a rescue that has taken over my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Hi
    I have been reading through a lot of your articles and was wondering where you are based? Also I was hoping you may have further information on becoming a volunteer or helping in any kind of way x your article on staff is really moved me as I have my own blue girl… she is my world and my fur baby.
    I understand how hard your line of work can be as I grew up helping animals, my mum was in the cats protection league so I often helped out and we would make little shelters for the Ferrell cats and their kittens, feed them daily and set traps to catch the growing kittens, females, to spay them and prevent more unwanted kittens been born. We ended up with 22 cats at one point along with 3 dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guine pigs!! I absolutely adored animals and often the cats would bring mice, frogs or birds in as presents and I spent endless hours trying to save them from the cats. Our border collie used to bring the rabbits in the house after climbing in their pen… she would hide them under our unit in the living room and I was forever putting them back. I remember we had one cat with no eyes or teeth called Patrick, a ginger Tom as he had feline pneumonia as a kitten, I caught him and we brought him home (even tho he bit me and I needed a tetanus at 10 years old) it was all worth it. Our house was like a home for the injured and disable… we had a very Ferrell cat called miss kitty who’s best friend was Robert a blind cat. They were always together and she would guide him as he circled around to get his bearings and he would emotionally support her and care for her as she didn’t socialise much or like been handled but still chose to stay and live with us x I have many stories and could go on forever! We had cats with bunched/curled up ears because she had ear mites as a kitten, we had 3 legged cats, blind cats, deaf cats… you name it, but absolutely loved it all and will forever treasure those memories and days. Me and my friends still reminisce now about them all, my mum was known as the cat lady on our street. We had a massive house that was kit out with numerous cat baskets, dens and hiding places along the hallways although certain areas were closed off unless we were around, but they were all loved and pets that were part of our family x I went on to become a nurse and care for ppl until I became unwell with multiple health issues and ultimately retired at 28 years old x
    Any information you could provide would be much appreciated and I’m sorry for the above essay x

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