Welcome to The House of Animals!

I have always loved animals, from as early as I can remember and I have always kept a variety of species – But my heart is with rescue animals. The saying “Someone’s trash is another’s treasure” couldn’t ring truer in regards to my pets. That feeling I get when I take a rescue in, and watch them thrive, begin to show affection and then bond to me is second to none.

All the animals you see on this blog are in The House of Animals – all living under one roof. Never again will they be unloved, go hungry, or feel afraid – here they are safe for the rest of their lives; and they all have a story to tell!

Some of the animals are my own, while others are being fostered by myself for Furry Friends Animal Rescue – a rescue that has taken over my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grab a coffee, get comfy and enjoy the read!




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