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Month: December 2016

10 Things You Need To Know Before Owning Mice

Mice are curious, yet delicate little rodents that make good pets. Although small, these little creatures do need space, company and things to do to keep them busy. Here are some tips on how to care for your mice;

Mice need company

Mice are sociable animals who thrive with company of their own kind. Usually, females will live happily together and will have their own hierarchy system within their group. I find mice are happier in small groups to give them lots of opportunities to interact with each other. Mice use body language and high pitched sounds to communicate with each other and will establish complex social structures, and males can fall out if kept together and not given enough space. If you have boys, give them lots of room and hides so they can have their own space if they wish. If the males fall out, you can have them neutered and introduce them to females so they don’t have to live on their own. As well as this, entire male mice do have a very strong smell, and neutering will help with this!

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10 Annoying Things To Say To An Animal Rescuer

When you work in rescue, you get to deal with all types of people. Those who adopt are refreshing and lovely to speak to, however, the ones dumping their animals on you can be hard work. Here are some of the things I have to hear regularly (and some of the things I would love to say back);

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Caring For Senior Dogs

As your dog ages, their behaviour and health can change, but not only this, the way you care for them needs to be modified too to help them feel as comfortable as possible. Although it is sad to see our best friends get older, there are lots of medications that can help, so don’t get too upset. It’s a good idea to take your senior dog to see the vet regularly as the sooner illness are noticed, the easier they are to treat. Your vet will also be able to offer advice on any problems your pet may be facing.

The process of ageing

Just like humans, dogs change as they get older. They may sleep more and become less active, which means they can put on weight as they are not moving around as much to burn those calories. On the other hand, some dogs may lose weight, and if you notice any weight gain or loss, it’s best to get your vet to give your dog a checkup.

You will also notice a change in their coat, which can appear duller, and many dogs will get grey hairs.  Some dogs will have memory loss or become slower at understanding commands and their eyesight and hearing will deteriorate. The immune system will become less efficient, and your dog will be more prone to illness as their body is less able to fight off infections.

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Puppy Proofing Your Home

So you’ve been to your local rescue and you have decided to adopt a puppy? That’s great! Puppies are lots of fun and you will get to see your little pal grow. Puppies are curious and have lots of energy, which is what makes them so fun. However, you must make sure your home is safe for that little pup. Here are some ways to make sure your home puppy proof!

Watch out for electrical hazards

Trailing cords can be tripped over and over exuberant pups can get tangled in them. There is also the risk of them being chewed, so tuck them out of the way and out of sight. Chewing on electrical cords can cause burns in the mouth,  electric shock and even death. Block off any access behind cabinets where electricals are, such as your TV – just because you cannot reach the cords, doesn’t mean your puppy wont be able to! Don’t leave your puppy unattended with any heaters or fans, which could get knocked over during play.

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Meet Nacho

Nacho came into my life about 5 years ago, and he was an unexpected arrival. We used to take dogs from Ireland and had another dog booked to come into foster with me, but as the van arrived, the pound asked if we could take this little boy too and we agreed. Nacho hadn’t had the best start in life. He originally belonged to a vet and his girlfriend, who used to leave him on his own for about 12 hours a day! Unsurprisingly, Nacho toileted in the house and because of this, they took him to the pound.

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Meet Catrick Stewart And Mr Whiskers

Two years ago, we were alerted to a post on social media that caused some concern. Someone had a litter of one day old kittens, and was giving them away for free for people to hand rear. We were very worried for the kittens safety, so contacted the advertiser. He told us that his cat had a few litters in the past, and all the kittens had died because she abandoned them. We offered to help, on the understanding we would take the mother cat so she could rear her kittens. Whilst I am able to hand rear baby animals, it’s much better for mum to do this where possible.

We collected the cats and I fostered them. I set up a crate for Missy (the mother cat) to raise her babies, and I was a little nervous as I knew she had abandoned litters before. There is also an increased risk of mother’s abandoning litters when they are moved. Luckily, she took excellent care of the kittens and fed them as soon as she was settled.

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