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Should I Microchip My Pet?

Microchipping is arguably the best way to get your pet back should they go missing, but what are microchips, and are they safe?

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Tips For Keeping Pets Cool In Hot Weather

It’s been so hot recently, but our pets usually don’t cope well with the heat. Here are some tips to keep them cooler during the warm weather.

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Safe Foods For Rabbits

A rabbit’s diet should mimic that of a wild rabbit’s as much as possible and for your rabbits to be fit and healthy, it’s important to get the diet right as it plays such a huge part in their health. So, what should your rabbit eat?

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Free-Ranging Rabbits In The Garden – Is It Safe?

Most people are aware that rabbits need space, and if you have a garden, it is beneficial for your rabbits to have time outside. There’s something so wonderful about seeing a rabbit charging around outside, and binkying and whilst some owners allow their rabbits time outside in a secured run, others allow them to run around the garden, but is it safe?

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Should I Neuter My Rabbit?

Neutering your rabbit will prevent them from breeding, however that isn’t the only reason to get them neutered. Other reasons neutering is beneficial for your bunny are;

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Rabbit At Easter

Easter is right around the corner and lots of cute rabbits will fill pet stores and online ads. The temptation might be too much for some, but taking on a rabbit is a huge commitment and here are 10 reasons why getting a rabbit for Easter is a bad idea.

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The Importance Of Caring For Rabbits

Rabbits are regularly sold as easy and cheap pets, however, if you are thinking about getting rabbits, make sure you know how to care for them before you bring them home. There are lots of things to look out for when you own rabbits,  and here are some things to look out for.

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Why Don’t Rabbits Like To Be Picked Up?

Lots of people ask to adopt a rabbit they can cuddle, or one who is able to be carried around by their children, however, rabbits generally don’t like to be picked up. You can see it most the time with rabbits as many will dart off when you reach down to pick them up, but why is this? Why don’t rabbits like to be held? A large, shadowy figure approaching them can be really frightening for a rabbit, even if they know you really well as anything large coming towards them or from above can be seen as a threat. In order to understand why rabbits don’t like being handled, we need to think like a rabbit. Rabbits are a prey species, meaning they spend most of their time looking out for predators. If we think about the structure of a rabbit, we can see how perfectly designed they are to watch out for predators.

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Why Purchasing A Pet As An Impulse Buy Is A Bad Idea

Working in rescue, we hear lots of horror stories about people getting pets and then not being able to keep properly, leading to the animal becoming neglected. Pet shops sell cute baby animals and social media has opened up a whole new realm to pets being given away, leading to people getting pets on an impulse. It is so important to research and plan before you take on a pet.

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Why You Shouldn’t Release Pets Into The Wild

Sometimes people find themselves in a position where they are unable to keep their pet. Some people do the right thing and contact their local rescue for help, however, others think the best option is to release their pet into the wild and set them free, which is a really bad idea. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t release your pet;

They could pass on disease/eat the native species

Goldfish are an excellent example of this. Some species of goldfish can grow to a large size and quickly outgrow their tank. A lot of them are released into the wild, which plays havoc on the natural English ecosystem. Goldfish are members of the Carp family and have the potential to pass on diseases to native animals. Not only this, they are gluttonous fish who will eat most things, outcompeting the local wildlife for resources. If they manage to get downstream, they could out-compete native fish. Competition is a huge problem as native animals are being forced out due to another species taking their resources. Giant African Land snails are a species who are likely to become an invasive species, due to their quick reproductive rates and huge appetites.

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