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Should I Microchip My Pet?

Microchipping is arguably the best way to get your pet back should they go missing, but what are microchips, and are they safe?

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How To Set Up An Axolotl Tank

Axolotls are unusual pets who are fast becoming more popular. Before you bring your axolotl home, make sure you have the right tank set up for them to be happy and healthy. Continue reading

10 Things You Need To Know Before Owning A Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are docile lizards that are commonly referred to as a beginner’s lizard, but here are ten things you need to know before owning one. Continue reading

Moving Home With Lizards

Moving home with lizards and tortoises is a bit more challenging that moving with dogs and cats, as these reptiles have very specific requirements. This blog will help ease moving day stress for your scaley friends.  Continue reading

How To Move Home With Your Frogs

If you have amphibians, in our case, White’s Tree Frogs, you need to do a bit of planning before moving house with them as they are sensitive little critters. Continue reading

Meet Dobby – The Crested Gecko

Dobby is a Pinstripe Crested Gecko who I adopted about a year ago. He is just over 3 years old and his previous owner lost interest, so he came to me. As far as reptiles go, Crested Geckos are easy to care for, however, if you want to adopt a gecko, please make sure you do your research before taking one on. Inadequate care and husbandry can have huge detrimental effects on any animal, and many illness that exotic animals get can be avoided if the animals are cared for correctly to begin with. Never get a pet on a whim!

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Why Purchasing A Pet As An Impulse Buy Is A Bad Idea

Working in rescue, we hear lots of horror stories about people getting pets and then not being able to keep properly, leading to the animal becoming neglected. Pet shops sell cute baby animals and social media has opened up a whole new realm to pets being given away, leading to people getting pets on an impulse. It is so important to research and plan before you take on a pet.

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Do African Pygmy Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

I have kept African Pygmy Hedgehogs (APH’s) for a number of years now. Each one has been a rescue, and people are often fascinated by these creatures. I regularly get asked if they make good pets, so I thought I would share the most common questions I get asked on them.

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Meet Gordon – The Tortoise With Two Legs

May 2013 is a time I will never forget.

We received a call from a very concerned member of the public who had found, what she thought was a terrapin, in her garden that had been attacked by another animal. She told us it was injured, and had been turned away from other rescues, who told her it didn’t have a chance as it was injured, and would cost too much to treat. We couldn’t turn this ‘terrapin’ away, so arranged transport to get it to us.

On arrival, the terrapin turned out to be a tortoise who was in a horrendous way. Two of his legs had been ripped off, showing exposed bone, and there were maggots crawling on his open wounds. Unsurprisingly, he was very weak and cold. His claws were worn away, and his shell had scratch marks on it from where something had tried to get to him. The most surprising thing, was these wounds were not fresh, and his body had even tried to heal itself.

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Meet Gremlin – The Pacman Frog!

Not all people are aware that it isn’t just dogs and cats who find themselves needing new owners, but amphibians do too! Gremlin is a pacman frog who joined The House of Animals a year and a half ago. I adopted him when his previous owners felt like they had too many animals, and he was surrendered to rescue. I’m not sure of his exact age, but these frogs can live for over a decade, so I am hoping he will be a part of the family for a long time!

It’s easy to see how these frogs earned their names, with their short, stubby bodies and giant mouths they really do resemble the video game character, Pac-Man. It’s no surprise that they are referred to as a mouth with legs!

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