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A Guide To Rabbit Enrichment

Rabbits are intelligent animals and require enrichment to keep them happy and healthy. Bored rabbits can become bad-tempered and destructive, so it’s important to exercise their body and mind. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune though! Here are some of the best store-bought and homemade toys you can offer your bunnies.

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Livefood FAQs

If you keep reptiles or amphibians, you may need to feed live food. Although they are destined to be dinner, it’s really important to care for them correctly as the healthier the food is, the better they are for your pet. But if you are new to keeping them, read this blog to find out more.

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Omlet Eglu Review – Part One – Ordering

I have kept rabbits since I was 10 years old and over the years have had many different types of accommodation – from indoor setups to traditional rabbit hutches and runs and even chicken coops – I feel like I have tried them all. Having said that, I have never found anything that suits me completely. Hutches break and rot (even when the wood is treated) so I decided to purchase an Omlet Eglu. Over the next couple of posts, I’m going to talk about my experiences with our new Eglu!

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