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Meet Dobby – The Crested Gecko

Dobby is a Pinstripe Crested Gecko who I adopted about a year ago. He is just over 3 years old and his previous owner lost interest, so he came to me. As far as reptiles go, Crested Geckos are easy to care for, however, if you want to adopt a gecko, please make sure you do your research before taking one on. Inadequate care and husbandry can have huge detrimental effects on any animal, and many illness that exotic animals get can be avoided if the animals are cared for correctly to begin with. Never get a pet on a whim!

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Meet Nacho

Nacho came into my life about 5 years ago, and he was an unexpected arrival. We used to take dogs from Ireland and had another dog booked to come into foster with me, but as the van arrived, the pound asked if we could take this little boy too and we agreed. Nacho hadn’t had the best start in life. He originally belonged to a vet and his girlfriend, who used to leave him on his own for about 12 hours a day! Unsurprisingly, Nacho toileted in the house and because of this, they took him to the pound.

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Meet Catrick Stewart And Mr Whiskers

Two years ago, we were alerted to a post on social media that caused some concern. Someone had a litter of one day old kittens, and was giving them away for free for people to hand rear. We were very worried for the kittens safety, so contacted the advertiser. He told us that his cat had a few litters in the past, and all the kittens had died because she abandoned them. We offered to help, on the understanding we would take the mother cat so she could rear her kittens. Whilst I am able to hand rear baby animals, it’s much better for mum to do this where possible.

We collected the cats and I fostered them. I set up a crate for Missy (the mother cat) to raise her babies, and I was a little nervous as I knew she had abandoned litters before. There is also an increased risk of mother’s abandoning litters when they are moved. Luckily, she took excellent care of the kittens and fed them as soon as she was settled.

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Meet Gordon – The Tortoise With Two Legs

May 2013 is a time I will never forget.

We received a call from a very concerned member of the public who had found, what she thought was a terrapin, in her garden that had been attacked by another animal. She told us it was injured, and had been turned away from other rescues, who told her it didn’t have a chance as it was injured, and would cost too much to treat. We couldn’t turn this ‘terrapin’ away, so arranged transport to get it to us.

On arrival, the terrapin turned out to be a tortoise who was in a horrendous way. Two of his legs had been ripped off, showing exposed bone, and there were maggots crawling on his open wounds. Unsurprisingly, he was very weak and cold. His claws were worn away, and his shell had scratch marks on it from where something had tried to get to him. The most surprising thing, was these wounds were not fresh, and his body had even tried to heal itself.

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Meet Gremlin – The Pacman Frog!

Not all people are aware that it isn’t just dogs and cats who find themselves needing new owners, but amphibians do too! Gremlin is a pacman frog who joined The House of Animals a year and a half ago. I adopted him when his previous owners felt like they had too many animals, and he was surrendered to rescue. I’m not sure of his exact age, but these frogs can live for over a decade, so I am hoping he will be a part of the family for a long time!

It’s easy to see how these frogs earned their names, with their short, stubby bodies and giant mouths they really do resemble the video game character, Pac-Man. It’s no surprise that they are referred to as a mouth with legs!

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