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Things That Amaze And Annoy Me In Rescue

Ok, so it’s another sarcastic post, as I enjoyed writing about 10 of the most annoying things to say to an animal rescuer so much. Here are things that amaze and annoy me in rescue.

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Tilikum’s Story – Why Orcas Should Stay In The Wild

As an animal lover, it’s hard to see cruelty to animals, but sadly, it is happening all over the world. The death of Tilikum, the orca at Seaworld, has filled my news feed over the past few days and I can’t help but feel this all could have been avoided. Tilikum killed three people in captivity, however, there aren’t any reports of orcas killing people in the wild and aggression between members of a pod are almost non-existent. Orca do not belong in captivity and do not exist for our entertainment.

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Why Purchasing A Pet As An Impulse Buy Is A Bad Idea

Working in rescue, we hear lots of horror stories about people getting pets and then not being able to keep properly, leading to the animal becoming neglected. Pet shops sell cute baby animals and social media has opened up a whole new realm to pets being given away, leading to people getting pets on an impulse. It is so important to research and plan before you take on a pet.

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10 Annoying Things To Say To An Animal Rescuer

When you work in rescue, you get to deal with all types of people. Those who adopt are refreshing and lovely to speak to, however, the ones dumping their animals on you can be hard work. Here are some of the things I have to hear regularly (and some of the things I would love to say back);

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10 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but did you know there are things that we as humans do that annoy dogs? Here are 10 things humans do that annoy dogs.

Change to routine

Dogs are creatures of habits. They like things to be done at the same time every day as it becomes ingrained in their brain and they expect these things to happen, such as feeding, playtime and walking. Try to stick to their routine as much as possible, even on your days off as they can get irritated with drastic changes.

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Why I Love Old Animals

I love all animals, but whereas most people go gooey over puppies and kittens, I cannot resist an old animal (although I do love puppies and kittens too!). Taking on elderly animals isn’t easy as most of them have spent their whole life with one person, and now find themselves in an unfamiliar place and they do find it harder to adjust than the younger animals. It makes things more difficult when they have medical conditions, and most will have some degree of senility which can be difficult enough to deal with when you have had the animal for a long time and it develops, but it’s even harder when that animal is out of their comfort zone.

I have taken in many old animals over the years. In fact, my very first dog was middle aged and helping them is just something I am drawn to.  My first ‘failed foster dog’ was a little elderly Jack Russell called Sally. She was found straying and ended up in a pound, and the first photo I saw of her in the pound still breaks my heart to this day. I didn’t intend to keep her when I took her in, but she wiggled into my heart and even though I only had her just short of a year, I loved that dog so much that I decided to open my heart and my home as a retirement home for any elderly animals who could not be rehomed.

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What Volunteering For A Rescue Is Really Like

Choosing to volunteer for a rescue is one of the best decisions I have ever made, but it’s not easy. I have always been drawn to rescue animals, even before starting my career at a rescue. I have adopted animals that other people didn’t want – I always asked my Mum if I could have a dog as a child, and remember saying to her “I want to give an older dog a second chance!” instead of begging for a puppy like many kids do. I think I drove her mad, as I asked for a dog every single day. Eventually our circumstances changed and we were able to adopt a dog, although that’s for another post!

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