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Month: October 2016

How To Keep Your Rabbit Warm Over Winter

Winter is fast approaching. The days are getting shorter and there is a coldness in the air. Humans are lucky – they have warm coats and central heating, but many rabbits are forgotten about as the cold air draws in. Rabbits can cope in the colder weather, as long as steps are taken to ensure the hutch is kept warm and dry. In the wild, rabbits live underground in warrens that are insulated, preventing their body temperature from dropping below freezing. Hutches are obviously above the ground, so you will need to help your rabbits stay warm. Here are some tips to make sure your bunnies are kept warm this winter.

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Keeping Your Pet Safe On Bonfire Night/Fireworks Night

This is the time of year many pet owners dread. The loud bangs from fireworks can turn your happy pets into quivering wrecks. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe this Bonfire night.

Find out when displays are going to happen

Not everyone sets fireworks off on the 5th November. These days, from Halloween onwards, it feels like there is a constant stream of fireworks until New Years and it’s worth contacting your local council to find out when displays are being held. Similarly, it’s beneficial to ask your neighbours if they are planning to have their own celebrations with fireworks. If you know what nights the fireworks are being held, you can make plans for your pets.

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What Volunteering For A Rescue Is Really Like

Choosing to volunteer for a rescue is one of the best decisions I have ever made, but it’s not easy. I have always been drawn to rescue animals, even before starting my career at a rescue. I have adopted animals that other people didn’t want – I always asked my Mum if I could have a dog as a child, and remember saying to her “I want to give an older dog a second chance!” instead of begging for a puppy like many kids do. I think I drove her mad, as I asked for a dog every single day. Eventually our circumstances changed and we were able to adopt a dog, although that’s for another post!

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Meet Gordon – The Tortoise With Two Legs

May 2013 is a time I will never forget.

We received a call from a very concerned member of the public who had found, what she thought was a terrapin, in her garden that had been attacked by another animal. She told us it was injured, and had been turned away from other rescues, who told her it didn’t have a chance as it was injured, and would cost too much to treat. We couldn’t turn this ‘terrapin’ away, so arranged transport to get it to us.

On arrival, the terrapin turned out to be a tortoise who was in a horrendous way. Two of his legs had been ripped off, showing exposed bone, and there were maggots crawling on his open wounds. Unsurprisingly, he was very weak and cold. His claws were worn away, and his shell had scratch marks on it from where something had tried to get to him. The most surprising thing, was these wounds were not fresh, and his body had even tried to heal itself.

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How To Give Your Rabbit a Health Check

Rabbits are Britain’s third most popular pet and it’s no wonder why; with their long ears, big eyes and cute noses, they are irresistible. But, did you know that rabbits aren’t a low maintenance, cheap pet to keep? Many are purchased on impulse, without proper thought into their care and long-term needs. Rabbits can live to be 10 years old, which is a huge commitment which many people do not take into consideration, leaving rescues overflowing with unwanted bunnies.

If you have a rabbit (ideally two, as these animals really do need company of their own kind), it’s important to make sure they are in top health and it’s a good idea to do a daily health check on them to make sure you pick up any signs of illness quickly, as it’s easier to treat if you catch it as soon as possible. Here is a guide as to what to look for, however, if you have any concern over your pet’s health, you should contact your vet right away.

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Meet Gremlin – The Pacman Frog!

Not all people are aware that it isn’t just dogs and cats who find themselves needing new owners, but amphibians do too! Gremlin is a pacman frog who joined The House of Animals a year and a half ago. I adopted him when his previous owners felt like they had too many animals, and he was surrendered to rescue. I’m not sure of his exact age, but these frogs can live for over a decade, so I am hoping he will be a part of the family for a long time!

It’s easy to see how these frogs earned their names, with their short, stubby bodies and giant mouths they really do resemble the video game character, Pac-Man. It’s no surprise that they are referred to as a mouth with legs!

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